Dog Agility Training Classes in Surrey, Croydon & Sutton

Welcome to Dog School Ltd, specialist dog trainers operating throughout Surrey, Croydon and Sutton. We offer a variety of classes that are enjoyable for both you and your pet including puppy classes, socialisation classes and even dog agility training.

Our dog agility training classes have proved to be especially popular with owners who have already trained their pet to a high standard and are looking for a further challenge. We run regular dog agility courses in Surrey, Croydon, Sutton and the surrounding areas and both you and your pet will learn a great deal from these classes. These exercises are engaging and fun for dogs and will help to build upon their existing relationship with their owner encouraging obedience and loyalty.

Many owners have found that our dog agility training classes are far more enjoyable than standard obedience training as they soon find that agility training with their pet is a lot of fun whilst still allowing their pet to learn through following commands.

When a dog and owner team have both worked so hard to make progress with commands and obedience it seems a shame to only use that for everyday use. This is why we provide dog agility classes where the pair can demonstrate their superior skills of control and communication.
Dog agility training takes a lot of practise and skilled instruction from a trained teacher, which is why we are one of only a few training schools teaching it in all of Sutton, Surrey and Croydon. Our highly qualified and friendly instructors have the expertise to teach you excellent control of your pet and the pair of you can finally start to have fun together.